Vaporzine? Or jump on April Fools Day

Vaporzine? Or early April Fools Day: There is a rumor that qwirky author Dave Eggers may start a magazine called the Balloonist, according to the Black Table (which I’ll admit I’ve never heard of, but found it via Eggers, who has displayed how to successfully self-publish books (You can’t actually purchase his new book from Amazon, but they still have it listed, as that’s part of his gimmick: available only in independent bookstores), can perhaps pull off a magazine that is sold primarily through book stores. He has lots of fans among the owners of such stores. And he’s made lots of money selling paperback and movie rights for his books. While this is likely a Vaporzine or prank rumor, it’s one magazine that I think might work. Or, at least I would give it a good chance of being an obscure niche publication that becomes known in less than 100 zip codes….but is outrageously popular in those.