Another blonde joke

Another blonde joke: [Warning, the following is an off-topic rant from the keeper of this blog.] As a dues-paying member of the official Dixie Chicks Fan Club (I had to join for early-purchase rights to concert tickets), I pains me to witness Natalie Maines confuse having a microphone in her hand with having a brain in her head. While I defend her freedom to hold and espouse any beliefs she wiishes, indeed I applaud her courage in doing so, what was she thinking? Not since K.D. Lang came out of the closet and appeared in a PETA “meat stinks” ad, has a country music entertainer been so out of step with the sensitivities of the fans who butter their bread. (Fortunately for K.D., or kd, she found a new fan base far away from red neck hicks who eat meat.) If you heard the drive-time country music DJs last week, you would think Natalie had declared her desire to emigrate to France. Anger does not come close to describing the listeners calling in –the same audience who were calling in to request Travelin Soldier a couple of days ago.

We will now get to see how freedom of expression works in America. Dixie Chick Natalie Maines has the freedom to say whatever she wants. Country music fans have the freedom to respond with their feet, voices and wallets as well. Natialie, no doubt, will be cheered for her courage and will be raised to cult heroine status by some. The vast majority of the current members of the official Dixie Chick Fan Club will not be among that group.