Finally, war news you can use

Finally, war news you can use The insightful folks who put out the WSJ’s “Best of the Web” e-news made this observation yesterday, ” It seems like a good portion of the National Football League has gotten involved in fighting this war. Along with the Dolphins, we have the Jets and the Patriots, and of course President Bush is both a Cowboy and a Texan.”

Today, they had some follow-up suggestions from readers:

  • The Air Force has fighter planes known as Eagles (the F-15) and Fighting Falcons (the F-16).
  • The Navy has aircraft called Vikings (the S-3B) and Seahawks (the SH-60).
  • The Royal Air Force has aircraft called the Jaguars.
  • Along with dolphins, the allies are using sea lions to help clear shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf.
  • And of course there are the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the chargers in Congress squabbling over the bills for the war.
  • Now, that’s good journalism.