WWSS (What would Samir say?)

WWSS (What would Samir say?) I ran across this release about the launch of a magazine for parents of college-bound students called College Magazine. We all know how critical I am of magazine concepts I don’t understand. But this one makes sense as a newsstand title. There should be lots of endemic advertisers (universities and test preparation services) and readers who are about to make the second-most expensive purchase most people ever make. It won’t have many subscribers (surely, not more than a year at best) but, neither do bridal magazines and they do quite well. Geez, if I keep this up, I might want to start one myself. It certainly has some potential as a custom magazine. Excuse me, I have to go make some phone calls.

And since I find myself being positive about a new magazine for a change, I’ll also point to this story regarding another magazine in a category I never knew existed. It’s called Long Weekend and claims a circulation of 200,000 around the Great Lakes. Again, it makes sense because of its tight focus and, most importantly, because it has an endemic advertising base who, at least in theory, can efficiently reach an active buyer at a pivotal point in the decision-making process.