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Saeed al-Sahaf Fan Club: As someone who has spent the past couple of decades helping large organizations better communicate with their employees, customers and the rest of the world, I would like personally to thank Saeed al-Sahaf for providing me with a point-of-reference I can use for the rest of my life. His defiant denial of reality will forever be my example of how foolish a corporate spokesman looks when he or she gets in front of a microphone and camera and says something that is so easily proven a lie. It is enlightening also to see how reporters are trying to cover him. It is amusing to observe how journalists are trying to play his quotes with neutrality. With bombs dropping a few hundred yards away, he declares the enemy has been crushed. I’m watching, wondering, why doesn’t someone ask him if he believes his lies will communicate to the world that everything the Iraqi government has ever claimed is simarly absurd? If you have anything to do with advising someone how to communicate, remember Saeed.