Me, too

Me, too: The NY Times reports on a Pew Trust survey that reveals that some folks are saying, “Darn-it, I’m just not going to use the Internet.” In a refreshing departure from years of surveys that have tracked the steady penetration of web usage, this story and survey must mark some sort of milestone as it appears that now it is “news” that some people refuse to use the Internet.

Included in the story is the netless-by-choice couple, Jerilou and Kingsley Hammett (no relation to me despite them having a name that people sometime use when they can’t remember my last name is not Hammett), publishers of Designer/Builder, a bimonthly magazine based in Santa Fe, N.M. Jerrilou tells the Times that she and her husband were on the web back in 1996, but soon dropped it. “We began to see that it took an enormous amount of time,” she said. “And often the quality of information we found was very superficial.”

Ironically, Jerrilou doesn’t think it takes an enormous amount of time to make her magazine’s writers submit all their articles on a disk instead of e-mailing them. “I believe on a business level the same thing I believe on a personal level,” Jerrilou tells the Times. “Communication between people is more effective face to face. Or, if you can’t do that, then on the phone.”

From her website (which apparently she has never seen), it also appears that Jerrilou believes on a business level that her architecture magazine should appeal to all design-aficionados, from those who have broadband access at home to those who can only afford Internet access at the public library.

I’m truly inspired by the Hammetts resolve. I wonder if they could give up their TiVo so easily?