Bewitching: I can already envision the teeming masses protesting the magazine’s name, but the NY Times reports Disney is importing to the U.S. its successful internationally distributed magazine for girls 9-14, w.i.t.c.h., which rhymes with, well, you know. And while the anti-Harry Potter crowd is already organizing against it, the magazine has nothing to do with the occult (unlike other magazines with the exact same name may have) but rather is named after the first letters of several girls’ names. Or at least that’s what Disney claims, but then you know they were also the people who hid all those messages in Fantasia and included hidden illustrations in the Little Mermaid. So there.

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  1. Hi Rex

    I’m the Editor of and also own which is currently being constructed. I rarely respond to stuff I see posted on forums, however I have now registered in order to undo the allegation in your above paragraph. Let it go on record that Witch Magazine has absolutely nothing to do with the occult.

    Witchcraft is one of the oldest religions in the world. It was born naturally of neccessity. Before medicine as we have known it for the past few hundred years existed , cures for the myriad of ailments which human flesh was ere to were sought from the plant world. Fruit bearing trees and the sun were worshiped for the their gifts of food and heat. We have a lot to learn from ancient practices, and Witch Magazine is a study of ALL the ancient practices not just Witchcraft.

    Our aims are simple, to facilitate a huge educational resource that can be accessed by anyone, and to assist each individual visitor to explore and find the route to their own unique answers to the oldest philisophical question in history;-‘What the fuck’s this all about then?’

    We intend to include in depth studies of alternative therapies, the origin of superstitions, Pagan practices, Palmistry, Tarot, Sacred sites etc, and not say,( as organised controlling religions do), ‘This is the way’ nor impose rules and conditions on the belief of any fellow being. The site is all about ‘self discovery’ and ‘man know thyself’ has been said by countless prophets and ‘holy’ men, (including Jesus), so I believe with all my heart and soul that Witch Magazine will offer a valuable service to those that visit and that only good will be served.

    Please be decent enough to retract your implication about a magazine that has not even seen the light of day yet.

    Best wishes

    Nick Emm

    I hope that you will retract the above

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