nude chicks

Featherless: You gotta hand it to the Dixie Chicks: At least they’re consistent in their complete and utter lack of judgement. But seriously folks, Why did the Dixie Chicks pose nude? Answer: Because they can. (On a side note, why does this cover make me think of Photoshop?)

Later: Okay, I’ve heard “the” interview. Well done. Their PR folks have obviously worked non-stop on their rehabilitation campaign. (But, really, the magazine cover?) They will be forgiven by the young female audience who love them most, but older country fans will not budge. No argument, they are still the genuine thing when it comes to true talent. And over time, that’s what matters most.

Anyway, no matter what, I’m still a dues-paying member of their fan club for at least 10 more months. And the music they produce is, I’m sorry, about as good as it gets. Just listen to Chris Thile’s mandolin play on Home. Wow. But that’s purely a non-political observation, of course.

One thought on “Featherless

  1. >(But, really, the magazine cover?)
    It’s the Maxim/Gear/Stuff/Playboy/Penthouse (oops, sorry, they crashed) etc. philosophy:

    Naked Chicks on the cover sell magazines.

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