Run, don’t walk

Run, don’t walk: If you only purchase one magazine this year (heck, or this decade, for that matter), make it the current issue of Oxford American. Thank God Marc Smirnoff found a home, if only for this one particular gem. An incredible CD is included and, for icing on the cake, one of Hammock Publishing’s favorite contributing writers (back when we could afford him), Mike Perry, has a piece on a “vocalese” pioneer (a new word for me, also), King Pleasure. The King Pleasure cut on the CD is worth the entire purchase price. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you can’t find a copy, e-mail them and they’ll help you. Later: Speaking of Mike Perry, Bill informs me that Mike’s book, Population: 485, has been nominated for best non-fiction book of the year by the independent booksellers at Book Sense. In the book industry, the term “hand-sell” refers to titles that climb the charts due to the personal enthusiasm and endorsement of booksellers. It’s a big honor to have ones book gain popularity via this method. Mike’s writing is worth the big audience it is now receiving. By the way, it’s not online, but I also recommend you read Mike’s humorous (really) piece about his health insurance (including one very memorable line) in the May issue of Men’s Health.