Shocking! 48-Hours unleashed its investigative reporters to discover the answer to a critical question all America is asking: Do those photos of perfect models on the covers of women’s magazines cause readers to develop inferior self-images? What’s next? A report on why TV news anchors have perfect white teeth and is that causing the rest of us to have dental envy? So, for the record, here is the truth, honest: Those perfect looking models on the covers of magazines are cartoon characters. They are not real. They are figments of the imaginations of editors, art directors, makeup artists and photoshop magicians. How do I know this? Because, and I’m a little embarassed here, this is me with my mustach photoshopped out.

One thought on “Shocking!

  1. The question, of course, is not whether 40-something men will be sent running to the dentist or the gym by the cover of Men’s Health. If so most physicians will probably be grateful, witness all the articles about our society being overweight.

    The concern is that 8, 10, and 15 year old girls will imagine that for boys to like them, they should look like the models on the cover of Seventeen. Or Cosmo. And that 20 [and 30 and 40]-year-old women, consciously or not, downgrade their self-image because they don’t look like the media’s creation of a female body. When in most cases, that’s what it is — a figment.

    [You were counting on me for this response, weren’t you?]

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