Bobos in Wal-Mart

Bobos in Wal-Mart: Attempting to explain the lad-mag banning brand culture of Wal-Mart, David Brooks gets off a couple humorous one-liners.


Now it should be said, Wal-Mart is neither strait-laced nor consistent. The store carries a full line of condoms, guns, Secret Treasures see-through panties, Cosmopolitan magazine, and even an Ozzy Osbourne line of toy cars for kids. There are CD’s by the rap artist 50 Cent and computer games like Marine Sharpshooter, with the slogan, “One Shot, One Kill.” Sometimes you get the impression that Wal-Mart is like a lot of parents these days, who have vague intimations but don’t really want to know what their teenagers are listening to, because it would be such a hassle to try to shut it all down.

One thought on “Bobos in Wal-Mart

  1. But don’t you see. All that makes perfect sense.

    Maxim doesn’t fit in with any of that stuff.

    Are they reading Maxim in Lincoln, Nebraska? I’m willing to bet it’s not their best sales location.

    Wal-Mart is solidly middle-class and low-income America. It’s not hip, it’s not stylish and it doesn’t purport to be. That’s why it carries guns, condoms, Ozzy Osbourne toy cars. If and when any of that stuff becomes on the outs with its target market — it won’t sell that either.

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