3 thoughts on “Outing Maxim

  1. This is a great article. Quite irreverent, but great. He calls Maxim et al what they are.

  2. The lad book flap at Walmart reminds me that Kroger a few months back announced it would put screens in front of some gal-mags like Cosmo and Glamour because Kroger management felt – or had heard their customers say – the cover teases were too tease-y. They aren’t that much different from the cover blurb Stein cites: “SEX RECORDS! ASTONISHING FEATS OF NAKED AMBITION” – in content or intent: “8 things to send him over the edge!” and “your 5 top secret turnons!”

    Kroger has been less than consistent or successful in obscuring these covers – I know, because I do the grocery shopping. But one has to wonder why Walmart apparently doesn’t have a problem with these, but does with the lad books. Or maybe the other way around – why Kroger feels compelled to cover these up but is comfortable with the lad books. Their customer demographics can’t be that different.

    So, if we accept the logic that corporations can define pornography with more precision than the Supreme Court, then Cosmo and Glamour would fall into the same category as the lad books, and Laura, you need to be picketing or girlcotting both chains.

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