Attention would be magazine start-up dreamers

Attention would be magazine start-up entrepreneurs : So that those who google for such phrases as how to succeed with a magazine start up, I am going to use alot of such words in this post, because I want them (you) to read this article about the survival (and success) of the magazine, Hooked on the Outdoors. The Atlantal Journal Counstitution article, complete with the required quote from Samir Husni, profiles the brilliant insight the magazine entrepreneurs had when starting the publication:

“Focus less on the magazine and more on special events, online listings, consulting gigs and even television spots. He figures beautiful prose and breathtaking photography won’t make him money — but happy advertisers will.”

(This final sentence is for googlers.) I recommend to all those who want to launch a magazine and are looking for resources on how to start a magazine, start the process with reading about this magazine. If you can be like them, and figure out how to make money from your magazine without depending too heavily on either advertising revenue or subscription revenue, then you may have a chance of having a successful magazine launch.

One day, I will add a post on why this magazine is like custom publishing, but that will have to wait.