There’s a but

There’s a but: The NY Times reports on a new study being published which claims that playing video games helps develop visual attention skills. I happen to be an expert on this topic having conducted my own test on two lab rats living at my house. The first lab rat was used as a control and was not allowed to play any video games. The second lab rat was allowed to feed himself video games intravaneously for 12 months straight, every free hour.

My results are similar to the study the Times reports today. The control rat developed less visual attention skills, however she learned how to play the violin beautifully during the time spent not playing video games.

The video games test rat developed astounding visual attention skills except when it came to visualizing what his homework assignment was for the next day. Also, I discovered that while his visual attention skills increased while playing video games, his overall attention skills decreased. In other words, he could see everything, but could focus on nothing.

I am happy to report that upon further testing, we were able to reprogram the second test subject by unplugging his video game for the following 12 months. Fortunately, he now has an attention span longer than a lab rat.