The world according to them

The world according to them: The Tempo staff of the Chicago Tribune have come up with their own Top 50 magazines (and a list of ones they think have “gone bad.”) What they don’t know is that listing the magazines one thinks are great is more revealing than any psychological or personality test. So, all you have to do is read the list if you want to know the collective personalities, political leanings, values and passions of Terry Armour, Tim Bannon, Allison Benedikt, Linda Bergstrom, Joan Cairney, Mike Conklin, Rob Elder, Eric Gwinn, Kelly Haramis, Steve Johnson, Chris Jones, Blair Kamin, Michael Kellams, Julia Keller, Jim Kirk, Karen Klages, Charles Leroux, Lilah Lohr, Jason McKean, Emily Nunn, Patrick T. Reardon, Maureen Ryan, Nara Schoenberg, James Warren.