Big foot

Big foot: Back when Jane Pauley said she wanted to start a magaizne (gee, I can’t find when I blogged that), she had to respond to the obvious Martha-Oprah comparisons. Now that she has put those plans on hold to start a daytime one-topic TV show, she has to respond to the obvious Oprah comparisons. Unfortunately, I don’t think her response to the NY Times was what she really meant to say:


“But look at me: I’m not Oprah, and she’s not me,” Ms. Pauley said. “Oprah is larger than life; I’m life-sized.”

Did she really want to take a swipe at Oprah’s weight?

One thought on “Big foot

  1. Yikes that was a REALLY poor choice of words.

    Plus she’ll soon find that Oprah’s the real deal and she’s just….plain Jane.

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