Hammocks for sale

Hammocks for sale: As I announced earlier, I unleashed the full revenue potential of the rexblog today by adding Googe Adsense text-based advertising to the bottom of each page (scroll way, way down). I have noticed that the ads appearing have primarily been for hammock-related merchandise. This being the case, I am looking into adding a one-of-a-kind hammocks.com affiliate store here also.

Later: Actually, the Google Adsense methodology, like everything else Google does, is more sophisticated than my “hammocks for sale” observation. After clicking around to some pages, I have noticed that an ad is relevant to the words appearing on the specific page to which it is served. Therefore, when I clicked to a page with Rex Hammock appearing on it way too many times, I got the hammocks.com ads. While on this and other pages, I am getting magazine subscription ads. Obviously leveraging the indexing of this site that Google already does, those pigeons can guess what ads the reader can’t resist.