Disconvergence: In a question that sounds like it was posed five years ago, Editor & Publisher asks, “Will convergence live up to the hype?” I think the answer to that is much shorter than the article devotes: “No.” Of special note is an insight in the article attributed to a “Nashville media analyst.” As I did not know there was such, I’d like to quote the article’s reference to a home boy:

Frank S. Gristina (of investment bank Avondale Partners) noted companies may feel pressure, if only from within, to diversify to grow their local ad share. And over time, if owning multimedia fulfills its potential by growing incremental revenue and audience share -resulting in profit margin and share price growth — those companies may become more attractive to investors than pure-play newspaper companies, he says.

As I “go way back” with others in his firm, I note that Frank works incrementally close, geographically, to me, fufilling the potential of us being pure-play neighbors.