Mickey Mouse question:

Mickey Mouse question: Martha talks with Business Week and compares her company without her to Disney without Walt; in other words, the show goes on. Not really a good comparison (as the reporter observes) Walt didn’t cast himself as star of his cartoons. However, there are several other good comparisons in the media world of […]


Flashback: AT&T CEO David Dorman comments during a Forbes.com chat about his short stint at a failed dot.com seem familiar. (via Ditherati): Did your PointCast experience sour you on the Internet? DORMAN: No. It was a fun and painful experience with entrepreneurialism, market dynamics and personalities. It really had nothing to do with my feeling […]

The vapor trail

The vapor trail: It appears I have my first continuing drama of a vaporzine odessey (a reality show?) as (and I give him big credit for this) Brett Garfinkle criss-crosses the country in very PR-savvy fashion attempting the time-honored tradition of magazine launches, the approach better known as, “fake it til you make it.” The […]

Definition of the word Vaporzine

Vaporzine /vay’-per-zeen/ n. [origin: rexblog adaptation from the ancient geek word vaporware.] 1. An idea for a magazine announced far in advance of its actual launch (which may or may not actually take place). 2. Any ideas that are leaked to reporters by a media company that is actively researching the prospect of creating a […]

Grow and prosper

Grow and prosper: I have a degrees-of-separation reason for cheering on the success of The Economist as outlined by Media News Daily. So, without boring you with the details, let me merely cheer them on in the wonderful strategy they seem to be executing. Oh, by the way, it’s the best magazine there is according […]