Definition of the word Vaporzine

Vaporzine /vay’-per-zeen/ n. [origin: rexblog adaptation from the ancient geek word vaporware.]

1. An idea for a magazine announced far in advance of its actual launch (which may or may not actually take place).

2. Any ideas that are leaked to reporters by a media company that is actively researching the prospect of creating a new magazine concept.

A note of clarification for publishers who think they should be angry that I’m calling their magazine concept something negative: The term vaporzine is not one of derision regarding a magazine concept or plan, nor does it indicate any judgement on the part of this weblog about the magazine or planned magazine’s chances for success. It refers merely to the stage at which an announcement, press release and prototype is all that actually exists during a pre-launch or “premiere” issue stage of a magazine start-up process. Actually, I think all magazine concepts are wonderful and want to assure you that yours has, gee, a really good chance of succeeding. Again, just for clarification for those of you who did a google search on your magazine’s title and came to this, I call ALL pre-launch magazines vaporzines, not just yours.