Especially for Lynne & Lewis

Especially for Lynne & Lewis:
I knew the two of you would appreciate my mountain biking scratch from this morning. Only 17 stitches. Real impressive bruises on the other leg. Tragically, however, it got my sock all stained and I had to throw the pair away. More importantly, the bike is fine. By the way, if you haven’t done so already, check out the recently-opened mountain bike trail at Montgomery Bell state park. Very nice. A five year volunteer project by area trail bikers who are to be commended (and thanked) for their skill and dedication and attention to detail. It is another one of those hidden treasures of middle Tennessee

5 thoughts on “Especially for Lynne & Lewis

  1. It’s not a real biking trip unless someone is bleeding at the end. 17 stitches is pretty impressive though (and to think, the whole office was sure I was going to come back from here with a cast on my body somewhere). I’ll definitely have to check out those trails though.

  2. The nice thing about middle Tennessee (vs. the Moab Desert) is that our bike trails have roots and limbs that can come out of nowhere and slap you down. Out there, it’s not much danger: just rocks and cliffs to ride off and fall screaming into a canyon, ala Wiley Coyote. Oh, and snakes. And 115 degree weather with no shade (fortunately it’s dry heat without the humidity).

  3. Rex are you noting the traffic on this post??? Clearly there’s a message here for you. Less magazines, more gore.

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