Belly up to the bar

scratchGreat for throwing-up on.

Belly up to the bar: In the rexblog’s never-ending quest to find articles proving there is a magazine for everyone, I just learned about Modern Drukard, which, according to this article, is dedicated to “old soaks, barflies and inverterate long-lunchers.” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. There are plenty of publications about wine and cigars and beer and illegal drugs and addiction. Why shouldn’t there be one for the proudly drunk?

One thought on “Belly up to the bar

  1. Makes me think there might be a niche for a magazine about the 60s and early 70s – things that happened while many of us were having out of body experiences (moonwalk, Nixon elected, Nixon re-elected, Watergate, the Mets winning the World Series…)

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