Not to worry?

Not to worry? This is one of those tech trends from Japan that I guess will chill U.S. magazine publishers. According to the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, users of cellular camera phones are posting page-by-page images of magazines to the web (probably to their moblog – or, mobile blog for those who don’t hang out in the blog world). I know that camera phones are much more ubiquitous in Japan than in the U.S., but can’t judge how real this phenomenon is. I’ll e-mail the definitive expert on blogging in Japan (and everything else, for that matter), Joi Ito, to see if he can shed light on the magazine-blog trend. As for me, I would think magazine publishers would like the exposure…and the “community” support these so-called “shop-lifters” are building around their print brands. Just one more example of magazine publishers not “getting it.” (Via

One thought on “Not to worry?

  1. >Just one more example of magazine publishers not “getting it.”

    Yeah, whatever happened to just ripping out the page you want? Or just taking the mag from your dentist’s office? People have no respect for tradition anymore.

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