Correctionator II

Correctionator II: I guess Jay didn’t like my correction:

I love to be corrected when I wrongly predict the demise of any magazine. And > even though press coverage is not a measurable business metric

True, but surely you know that the right kind of press coverage (right venue,
right time, etc.) can make all the difference.

and doubling advertising revenue is rather easy to do when your base is, well, > > low, I would now like to publicly correct my earlier observation.

And how, may I ask, are you aware of what our base is: that is, low, middling,

Further, and more to the point, what kind of information do you need to have in
order for you to judge whether our mag has launched successfully or not?

perhaps (it could happen) making it to a landing ramp that by coincidence is set-up on the other side of the canyon.

There is no coincidence here. We know exactly what we are doing, and we now
exactly why it is working, and why it will work even better as we continue.

Okay, Jay. I take it all back. I agree that you know exactly what you are doing and why it is working and why it will work even better as you continue. I look forward to your continued success. I have been through more than my share of belly-flop, publicly humiliating failures in starting magazines and other media, so I will enjoy cheering and learning from your success.

(I also take back all those things I said about JAQK so if they Goggle their name, here is my pre-apology for suggesting you want be successful.)