Shocking: Canadian magazine publishers are outraged their government is cutting $16 million of its $32 million in annual subsidies to their industry. (That’s Canadian dollars.) The subsidy, it seems, is in return for giving U.S. magazine publishers greater access to the Canadian market. I think a better idea would be to use the approach the U.S. government takes towards the country’s farms: Increase subsidies for NOT publishing a magazine. This would help the Canadian publishers net out at about the same level as they would still get their subsidy but wouldn’t have all that overhead associated with actually producing the magazine. After this proves successful in Canada, I think we should consider it here. I suggest the first subsidy be given to this company if it agrees not to publish any new gambling-related, upscale magazines for men. (For the record, I say this in jest, as everyone knows I’m really a big fan of government subsidies for magazines targeting upscale male gamblers.)