Custom publishing update

Custom publishing update: The WSJ Europe reports on a “change in approach” by advertisers. However, the story describes a fairly typical customer magazine launch by an ad agency subsidiary that is four years old. According to the reporter, the reason this is different is because it’s a REAL magazine that is sold and not given away and has third-party advertising. (I don’t have time here to provide the history of dozens – hundreds – of similarly distributed REAL magazines that were custom published. But Jeez, the reporter could do a search of the WSJ’s database on the word “A&F Quarterly” for an example.) This is good, however. And it is something that a marketer can do in the U.S. as easily. And there are even custom publishing firms here who will gladly work with advertising agencies and their clients to offer the exact type of services described in the article. And if you want to consider that “new” and “a change in approach,” go right ahead.