Another sad ending

Singing the blues.

Another sad ending: It is not my practice to blog the closing of a magazine unless I have a special relationship with it. In this case, I do: As a reader, it is my favorite magazine. I am on record declaring this not only here on the rexblog on numerous occasions, but also in Folio: Magazine a year or so ago when they included me in a recurring feature about favorite magazines of magazine people. I am very sorry to learn the Oxford American is closing its doors, yet again. The magazine needs to be saved, but it seems obvious that it will not make it with its current business model.

Quote from AP story:

Editor Marc Smirnoff said in the statement that he and other staffers plan to do “all they can to continue publishing the magazine, in one incarnation or another, and to find new investors.”

Longtime rexblog visitors know I am a big fan of Oxford American and have been pulling for its success. Its annual music issue is always an instant classic.

I hate this.