Atten-hut vaporzine watchers

Atten-hut vaporzine watchers: The folks behind a new vaporzine, Drill (a “Maxim for military men”), have passed the first test. They generated a David Carr story. (Second test: a Samir quote?)

Now that I am Mr. Vaporzine, here is my prediction: At most, a prototype issue. Why does there need to be a Maxim Magazine for men who can already purchase Maxim. This does not compute. All it does is make people think David Carr will do a story on their vaporzine idea.

But wait, the article says that British custom publisher John Brown is behind the magazine. John Brown does great work in the UK and here, but the article doesn’t indicate wheter Drill will be a sponsored or customer magazine? I think this an important part of the story that David may have left out. If it is sponsored, then the official Mr. Vaporzine economist will recrunch the numbers and come out with a new prediction.

The magazine also has this comment about the editor, a comment that does not add to my confidence in its chances:

Lance Gould, a former feature writer for The Daily News in New York who is serving as the magazine’s editor in chief, has never served in the military, but did say that he “once donated to the Salvation Army.”