Classic vapor

Classic vapor: If you are new to the rexblog, you may not be familiar yet with the concept I call the vaporzine. Today, we get to see the launch of a vaporzine in real time. Here is how this one starts: Paul Colford reports that Sidney Blumenthal will be editor of a new liberal-focused U.S. newsweekly from the UK newspaper The Guardian. They are looking for a U.S. partner. Blumenthal, ex-Clinton aide and apologist, erstwhile New Yorker columnist and Drudge lawsuit plantiff, is quoted by Colford, “I’ve been talking about that (magazine idea) for 25 years with my friends.” As Mr. Vaporzine, I’m going to give this magazine concept (as a newsweekly) less than a 10% chance for getting more than a prototype issue off the press. If the concept morphs into something else, say a quarterly single-sponsored custom magazine for PETA members, I’ll re-calculate. Check back in with the rexblog as we follow the vapor trail on this one.

One thought on “Classic vapor

  1. I’m with you…this has “won’t get out of the starting gate” all over it:

    1. Liberals [and Democrats of all stripes] already have a variety of news publications from which to choose…some weekly, some monthly. If they’re thinking more along the lines of a Time or Newsweek with a more liberal slant, rather than The Nation or The New Republic, I think they’re really crazy.

    2. Liberal weeklies and even some monthlies have a long history of struggling financially. Liberals aren’t noted for their entertainment value.

    3. There are many who would argue that Time & Newsweek & all other “mainstream” media are already liberal…except of course for FOX. Which is by all accounts, not liberal.

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