Another day, another Maxim knock-off

Another day, another Maxim knock-off: Ok. When I have the time, I’m going back and count up all the times in the past two years I’ve blogged stories about magazines that say they want to be a “Maxim for the (insert designated male audience here).” Yesterday, it was a “Maxim for the military.” Today, it is a “Maxim for African-Americans.” (If you must know, it’s Dieve, pronounced “Deev.”) I don’t really have time or desire to myself, but if you want to search the rexblog, you’ll find links to magazines that are Maxims for men in Indianapolis, Maxims for gamblers, Maxims for left-handed lobstermen. Please, people. Stop it! The world doesn’t need another Maxim. In fact, the world doesn’t need the one it has.