Biggie-sized custom publishing news

Biggie-sized custom publishing news: As usual, Keith Kelly is on top of things today with news about a new Stephen King column in Entertainment Weekly and big, big news about a new custom magazine for McDonald’s called Relax being developed by Time Inc. (I asssume Time Inc. custom publishing. I also assume it has nothing to do with the Relax Magazine that already exists). I am all for spreading the news that this marks a great break-through in the history of custom publishing and that its rumored 10 million circulation will make it the largest custom magazine of all times. However, that would mean one would have to declare any publication distributed by AARP (20+ million) is not a custom publication (even if they fit the definition). Also, it would have to overlook McDonald’s previous custom published magazines, of which there have been more than one that I can recall. While I can’t recall the details, one such publication was produced by Quad Graphic’s creative division (the folks who publish Milwaukee Magazine) around 1993 or 94. I can’t find anything on the web that backs up my foggy memory on this one, but I don’t think I’m making that up. (I remember being jealous.)