Vaporzine orama

Vaporzine orama: Folio: does a story on several vaporzines (although Folio: does not call them vaporzines, but refers to the pre-launch concepts as “magazines” that “will launch” at a point in the future like “this fall” or “next June”). Once again, the currently featured rexblog vaporzine, JAQK, is noted. The article observes that while it used to take $10 million to launch and then close a new magazine, today and you can launch and then close a new magazine for only $6 million. (On a related note, if you do a Google search today for JAQK, rexblog is the third suggestion…right after a post on a poker discussion forum asking if anyone has ever heard of it (with no responses). I would have responded but figured if someone was too dumb to type it into Google, they shouldn’t be helped.