Premature blogging

Premature blogging: Despite the fact I’m sitting at my office desk, I’m not finished with my vacation. However, the sticky note I kept pasting links onto when it rained earlier this week was rather long, so I decided to go ahead and post these nuggets:

Samir Husni was quoted about pornography being the only major magazine category being hurt by the internet. Samir is never on vacation when a reporter calls.

Oh, wait, that reminds me: I was quoted in an article about custom publishing while I was on vacation.

Speaking of custom publishing, there is a new custom magazine being launched called Drinks, although it is not being called a custom magazine. However, it is being published “via partnerships with 23 fine wine and spirits retailers across the country…(who) have contracted for 350,000 subscriptions and they will distribute free copies to their customers.” (Note: My bet is that “contracted” really doesn’t mean “contracted” and “subscriptions” doesn’t really mean “subscriptions.” So, I’ll bet they would also say it really isn’t a custom magazine. But if it is what is described, it’s a custom magazine.)

On the vaporzine front, a magazine concept was floated called Beautiful Girl Magazine that is to debut in December. It’s being published with “independent financing” by Scarlett Williams, a 22 year-old University of Florida journalism graduate, according to spokeswoman Rene Williams, Scarlett’s mom. I guess this vaporzine news can be folded into a trend story here on the rexblog as it is a “fashion, beauty, etc.” magazine for Christian teenage girls, which may sound somewhat familiar to regulars. Here is my prediction. Unless “independent financing” means “my parents are paying for all this,” then Scarlett’s current venture will soon be gone with the wind. That said, I think Scarlett will be a successful magazine executive another day. She (and her mom) have spunk. Too bad she wasn’t born six years earlier and floated this idea as a dotcom. She could have gone public and, well, come to think of it, she’s lucky she wasn’t born six years earlier.

One rexblog recurring rant is the way reporters produce bogus “trend” stories based on their personal experiences. I just discovered this pet-peeve of mine (and apparently others) has a name, “trend spotting.” So, I guess there is a trend developing of outing faux trends (at least based on my experience). I’m sure USA Today and Newsweek will be reporting on it soon. (via romenesko)

Also, I ran across this funny (somewhat) overview of the laddie magazine category. (via gawker)