Crow recipies

Crow recipies: Since day one of the Martha controversy, I’ve repeatedly predicted the magazine will survive. I’m still not ready to admit I’m wrong, but articles like this one in Advertising Age give me pause. Oh, what the heck. I’m not wishy-washy. Living will live. You heard it here first a long time ago. (If I’m going to be wrong, I want to be aggressively so.)

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  1. OK never one to speak in favor of MS herself, I’m going to stand with you on the side of her BRAND. The ad numbers sound rotten right now, and I think Advertising Age is probably right in its thought that the advertisers won’t be back till her trial is settled…but I believe that consumers will keep buying. And ultimately that will woo advertisers back — no matter the outcome of the legal matter. It’s the uncertainty, not the negativity, of the legal issues, that the advertisers dislike the most. Once all the shoes are on the floor, they’ll be back, b/c American women love what MS has built.

  2. Laura, I’m shocked. You agree with me? I’ve already put a little mark on the calendar to record this event.

  3. They might think about phasing the name to just Living and take MS off the cover altogether. That would seem prudent. But hey, wht do I know – I woulda bet against both InStyle and Lucky as having not a prayer of making it.

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