Schemetrosexual: Larry Dobrow of (who’s beating out David Carr for links from the rexblog these days) writes that Details is benefiting from the current hipness of metrosexuality. (Note of congratulations: Even though he could have, Dobrow doesn’t use the word zeitgeist.) I am not going to comment on Larry’s story because I don’t want people accusing me of being metrophobic.

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  1. Re: Metrosexuals. As an avid reader of noir/crime fiction I have been struck for years by the affectations of many of the criminal characters – fine silk suits, immaculately barbered hair, often manicured and delicately scented with expensive colognes, consuming fine whiskys and brandys, obviously narcissistic and sensual in their indulgences. The descriptions of the heavy air of suppressed violence and their joy in its release mimics fine erotic writing. The fiction takes off from observed reality, apparently, such as the Dandy Don. So when I started reading about metrosexuals, I wondered if maybe they have always been there but only now can be officially recognized and lionized (and commercialized).

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