Clone Covers, 2003

“When this happens, what makes people purchase your magazine vs. the other? Nothing.”

(Commenting on the striking similarity in the covers of the May 5, 2003 issues of Time & Newsweek.)

Dorothy Kalins
Executive Editor, Newsweek Magazine
July 19, 2003
Stanford University

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Clone Covers, 2003

September 1, 2003

August 25, 2003

August 18, 2003

August 11, 2003

May 5, 2003

April 7, 2003

February 24, 2003

February 10, 2003

January 13, 2003

Special Honor:
Time & Time Again Award

August 4, 2003
January 20, 2003

(Credits: Time has a wonderful database of its covers. Newsweek doesn’t have anything close (if they do, please let me know), but if you dig, you can find a page that displays all the current year’s covers. Thanks to a newsstand at the BWI Airport that displayed the May 5 Time and Newsweek SARS covers next to the amazingly clone-like covers of that week’s US News & World Report and The Economist, the experience that gave me this idea. Thanks to legendary Dorothy Kalins (who I hope will forgive me) for mentioning those May 5 covers in a presentation which reminded me I had forgotten to blog them. Thanks to Bill Hudgins who kept e-mailing me examples of what he calls the Time-Newsweek merger. Thanks to that two-hour flight I had yesterday on which I finally had the time to mess around with the code to display this.)