The skinny on diet blogs

The skinny on diet blogs: I try not to blog about blogging, but a certain friend of mine seemed very smug when she discovered I knew nothing about one of the fastest-growing genres of weblogs, diet diaries. I think I’ll start one:

Diet Dairy, Aug. 31: I drove all the way to Bellevue so I could binge a Sonic double cheese and tator tots drowned by one of those new slush and milkshake things flavored in grape-sugar syrup. It was almost as good as the Donut Den apple fritter I had this morning (only 2 packets of sugar in my coffee, yea.). For lunch I had a salad with low-fat creamy blue cheese dressing. I thought about running this afternoon, but decided I needed to blog instead. I promised myself I would blog about my diet and feel very good about sticking to it.