Samir sighting

Samir sighting: Despite his expertise being the launch of magazines rather than the demise of them, Professor Husni (my hero) is the quoted expert once again in this article about Bridge Today. (It’s not for engineers, it’s for players of the card game.) “Bleeding subscribers,” (the reporter
s phrase, not mine), the magazine’s publisher has taken it online and no longer produces a print version. (Note: Therefore, it is no longer a magazine.) (Note 2: Samir says in the article there are 6,000 consumer magazines and 11,000 trade magazines. Remember, the other day David Pecker said there were 4,200 or 4,500 newsstand magazines (two stats in the same article). Recently, the Custom Publishing Council released a story that included the statistic of 50,000 custom magazines. Anyway you add it up, that makes for lots of magazines out there.)