Ambi-torial: The NY Times’ David Carr must be back from vacation. He profiles what’s happening at GQ under its new editor in chief, Jim Nelson, who was wearing a Prada suit with a baseball jersey for the interview. (Such details must matter.)


GQ’s timelessness has been replaced by a sense of urgency and a much shorter attention span. New departments called Manual, the Verge and the Body are chock-a-block with music, products and trends that are all about this very second in time — a change both invigorating and jarring in a publication that until recently held the Rat Pack as central icons….Those who have seen the magazine, with its young, perfectly rumpled models, neon colors and ambi-sexual content, have noticed a resemblance to Details, a much smaller magazine with a circulation of 400,000.

After reading that, all I’ve got to say is, “Where the heck did David Carr go on vacation?”