Broken stuff

Broken stuff: I’ve added “This is Broken” to my blogroll of random stuff. It’s a project of Mark Hurst of and invites people to send in photos of the products and situations we run into each day that just don’t work. It’s organized blog-like, not as a database, so you have to scroll down to link to the archives, where you can find a picture of two subscription blow-in cards found in the same magazine, one offering a “professional-rate” subscription for the $34.97 and the other a “professional-rate” subscription for $19.97. Let’s see, which one comes with a clock radio?

2 thoughts on “Broken stuff

  1. If I can figure out how to take Windows screen grabs I’ll have a new submission every day. Using a Mac as your primary computer makes you even more acutely aware of Windowsisms when you do have to turn to the dark side. Perhaps it would be easier just take a picture of a shrink wrapped copy of Windows and submit it.

  2. Hey, Lewis. Here is an idea. Print to a PDF, then e-mail that PDF to a friend who has a mac and have them convert it into a screen grab. Surely, there is a windows screen grab command, however.

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