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Obituary: With revenues of $20 million and 700,000+ subscribers and with the branding strength of a cable channel’s strongest franchise, Biography Magazine is “re-organizing” itself into a quarterly “club magazine,” according to Even with co-owners Hearst, Disney and GE, the magazine couldn’t quite figure out the formula for dropping some of the $20 million to the bottom line. (Too many experts?)

Club magazine obviously means “member” magazine or, for rexblog regulars, a custom magazine. I predict this means we’ll be seeing trend stories in a day or two speculating if this is a bad indication for the “launch” of MTV Magazine and Lifetime and, I’m thinking, ESPN, the magazine (which, by the way, is quickly making it’s way up the ladder of my favorite magazines, but I digress, which, I guess so did Biography).

My suggestion is that American Media buy it and let Bonnie Fuller pump it up.

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  1. This is stunning. Using canned content and basically stock art for just about everything AND tying it to a popular show and they still couldn’ t make it pay? Sounds like those experts were milking the cow three times a day.

  2. Bill, I think you’re right, sort of. Using canned content and stock art was the problem. The only investment in the magazine was in constantly promoting it too their viewers. Speaking of canned content and stock art, that about describes the “Biography” on-air product as well.

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