Favorites: P.J. O’Rourke, has long-been one of the contemporary humorists I enjoy the most. (Come to think of it, the community of professional contemporary humorists with steady print gigs could all fit in a guest room of a W Hotel) In this interview with the Onion AV Club (this is a temporary link, but you can find it later in their archives), he recounts his career in magazines.


“…it was the middle ’80s, and Rolling Stone realized that a lot of their readers had voted for Reagan, and they were going, “Gosh! We need a Republican! Does anybody know a Republican? Wait a minute! I think P.J.’s a Republican!”

With a really, really long stretch, O’Rourke has a Nashville connection: His books are typically published by Atlantic Monthly Press, the house of Morgan Etrekin, a native son who’s gone off to big success in a big city with bright lights. A few years ago, I was able to get PJ to sign my copies of all his books when he and Morgan were in town for a book tour and I crashed (or perhaps I aggressively hinted for a pity-invitation) a little garden party they attendend near my house.