Marketers like advertorials. Is this news?

Marketers like advertorials. Is this news? It’s obvious from the number of times I link to him that I’m a fan of the NY Times’ David Carr, but his story in Monday’s paper about advertorials appearing in magazines is a waste of space. No examples he cites are not clearly marked “special advertising section” on each page. And Carr even admits that when staff from these magazine work on the sections (that are clearly marked), it doesn’t necessarily conflict with any guidelines set forth by the the American Society of Magazine Editors. So where is the controversy? There isn’t any.


“When used right, advertorial pages can help you grow in new categories and do smart business,” said David Carey, publisher of The New Yorker, part of Condé Nast unit of Advance Publications. “When used wrongly, they can inflate your P.I.B. count and hurt your P & L,” or profits and losses. Mr. Carey said special section advertising will be down by a third this year, but that profits will be up.