In praise of UK custom(er) publishing

In praise of UK custom(er) publishing: I want to put to rest a rumor (rumour?) that I have a beef with my fellow custom magazine publishers in the U.K. I’m only concerned with correcting the mythology pertaining to U.K. custom publishing being “more creative” than that produced in the U.S.

In reality, I am a big fan of the ability of my bretheren in the British custom (or customer, or contract) publishing world to get the publicity they deserve for the work they do, like this coverage in the Guardian on the robust growth of “contract” publishing. I encourge all U.S. marketers to follow the U.K. model, except use a U.S. company (here’s one, for example) to execute the strategy.


Latest figures reveal that eight of the top 10 magazines (in the U.K.) by circulation are produced by contract publishers and are free to the consumer.

The trick to delivering a magazine worth reading…is to understand how the client company should address its customers. “Businesses have a natural authority to talk about things that they are involved in. If the magazine is in tune with that, it will tick the right boxes for readers and the client. Some magazines have been lazy and produced a glossy magazine with lifestyle content and forced in stuff about the client’s product or, they have done the reverse,”…