Rejected People slogans

Rejected People slogans: NY Times advertising industry columnist Stuart Elliot reports that People Magazine is spending $5 million between now and the end of the year on an advertising campaign, it’s first in many years. It carries the theme: “People. At the heart of every story.”


“It’s the curse of being the leader: everyone wants a piece of your success,” said Kathy Kayse, publisher at People…

What Stuart doesn’t report are some of the alternate slogans considered by the folks at People, which I am only happy to reveal now in an exclusive rexblog post. The top five advertising slogans People Magazine rejected when choosing, “People. At the heart of every story.” (drum roll, please):

5. People. At the check-out counter of every grocery store.

4. People. Near the toilet in every bathroom.

3. People. The official magazine of dead celebrities.

2. People. Forget your pathetic, nothing life.

And the number one rejected slogan of the new People Magazine advertising campaign:

1. People. Bonnie, schmonnie.