Flunking maganomics

Flunking maganomics: Larry Dobrow, who the rexblog points to often, is, I’m sure, a wonderful person. But, when it comes to his analysis of magazine advertising trends, he displays some confusion with what really matters to magazine owners and shareholders and the people they employ. Advertising revenues are up, significantly, we learn deep in his story; but ad pages are down, the lead and headline warn us. Rather than alarming, these stats reveal to anyone who has ever sold an advertising schedule that fewer free pages are being thrown in and that each page is generating significantly more revenue. I believe in other businesses, one calls this phenomenon an increase in productivity. Selling the same amount of widgets for 10% more while (in all probability) producing those widgets for less, sounds like excellent news to me. Again, I’m sorry if I sound like I’m strumming on the old Dobrow.