Yet another bet on a gambling magazine

Yet another bet on a gambling magazine:‘s Larry Dobrow (no complaints from me today, however) reports on yet another gambling vaporzine, this one called “Player.”


Gaming-industry veteran Avery Cardoza, however, believes these magazines failed not because of a flawed idea, but because of flawed execution. “Half of this country gambles!,” Cardoza rails. “It’s amazing to me that something like this hasn’t been done right before.” To this end, he is stepping into the magazine business with the October 28 launch of Avery Cardoza’s PLAYER, a bimonthly gambling lifestyle title that aspires to be for gamblers what Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine are for sports fans.

Well. I think Mr. Cardoza is on to something. Not that these folks and these folks aren’t. I wonder what this means for the continuing rexblog feature: JAQK: Launching of a Vaporzine.