Harbingerspotting: Mediapost.com’s Paul Gough thinks he may have spotted a harbinger of things to come (note: harbinger is a word reporters use when two loosely related yet similar actions can be associated in such a way as to offer them a ‘trendspotting’ opportunity). Gough observes that Reader’s Digest and The Atlantic Monthly have both announced plans to cut their rate bases. Therefore, “many are beginning to wonder” (in this case, “many” refers to “not many” as in “not many” people really think these actions have anything to do with bigger trends) if mass titles are poised for “the kind of retrenchment such publishers experienced after the ascendance of television.”

I’m going to stop here, as a comparison of magazine circulation pre- and post- the assencance of television will clearly display that magazines are much more successful today than then. Also, “mass titles” and “The Atlantic Monthly” should not be used in the same sentence.

There is no trend there.