Custom publishing harbinger

Custom publishing harbinger: In a harbinger of things to come and surely one of the most significant trends in the history of magazine publishing (or, at least in the history of this morning so far), yet another major magazine is sporting an outsert (or, in this case, it’s called a ‘minimagazine’). Actually, all hyperbole aside, this Esquire-Abosolut project sounds great. I know I’ll be purchasing a copy.

3 thoughts on “Custom publishing harbinger

  1. The 25-cent word of the day is “tautology,” which means redundant sorta – using extra words that convey the same meaning as another word or phrase (“adequate enough” was the example I found in a dictionary). A “harbinger” is a forerunner of something to come. For that matter – and the reason I know this bit of exceedingly trivial info- “nectar of the gods” is a tautology – nectar was the exclusive beverage of the gods (the Absolut of its time, perhaps?) – so “of the gods” isn’t necessary to say.

  2. It may be a harbinger of increased joblessness in my sector, too. Nothing like editing the boss’ copy.

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