We knew that

definativeIn “we media,” correck spelling is optional

We knew that: This may sound familiar (in a deja vu sense) to a specific group of folks who visit the rexblog on a regular basis: “participatory journalism” “we media.” Though far from being a revolutionary or new concept (there are even long-dead archived sites on the topic), NDN, a ” non-profit, research-based organization dedicated to providing… (blah-blah)…on the future role and use of news and media from a user point of view,” has posted a white paper called “We Media: How audiences are shaping the future news and information.” Unfortunately, the paper is provided in the form of a PDF which is not conducive to the bandwidth I am currently not enjoying. As a real-time demonstration of how “participatory journalism” changes everything, I thought I would reproduce a screen grab I made of the NDN.org’s home page announcement of the white paper. Those of us out here in the “we media” reading this annoucement are all talking among ourselves about how the word “definitive” is spelled incorrectly and wondering if this is shoddiness on NDN’s part or is it just an attempt on their part to be hip by misspelling lots of words like I try to do here on the rexblog.